4 million visitors a month? What?!

Vocal.media is a website similar in nature to Medium or Hubpages, in that it is meant for people who want to publish written content directly on the platform.

Simply put, Vocal Media is a platform where you can write to make money.

Over 4 million people a month visit this website, so there is a lot of traffic there to be had if you have the ambition to tap into it. Over 40% of that traffic is coming from the United States, so you know there are plenty of buyers there.

There are some differences between all of these content publishing platforms though, that it’s good to be aware of when you are planning how you distribute your content amongst them.

For example, on Vocal, there are 3 different ways you can make money natively right there on the platform.

First) Number of Views - Vocal pays you for the number of times your article has been read. If you join their Vocal Plus platform you can earn more per view.

Two) Tips from other readers - On Vocal, a reader can send you a “tip” if they like your story. Common amounts are in the range of $1, $2, or $5 bucks. The maximum amount that a reader can send is $20 bucks at the time of this writing.

Three) Challenges - Vocal Media has regular challenges that you can participate in if you are a Vocal Plus member. They have had challenges that have paid in amounts from $250 all the way up to $5,000.
So that’s a pretty nice and dynamic monetization strategy right there on the platform, not even counting any affiliate marketing you might consider doing, OR...

... the real reason to publish there, which is to build an audience around you and drive traffic to your products and services.

This platform has a lot going for it, and I definitely think if you are considering using some of these other blogging style platforms to drive traffic, you should consider making this a part of that strategy.

Follow the same strategies that you would use on say a Medium, or WordPress. Tactics such as the following are pretty universal ways to find success on these style of sites:

1. Publishing Consistently
2. Staying on niche related topics
3. Strong headlines that grab attention

The one other thing that I’d like to mention here, is that your content is an asset in and of itself. That means it can be repositioned in many different ways, even inside a membership site in the future if you choose.

So with that in mind, remember to keep a copy of your articles in a safe place, not just on these platforms. You never know when a website is going to close down or a company is going to go out of business.

I’ve been on the internet for quite a while, and so far the only constant I’ve seen is that things are always changing. So remember, your content is an asset. Make sure you have a copy in a safe place.

Tomorrow I want to tell you about a place that is getting over 3 million visitors a month... and you probably have never heard of it!

I’ll save that little gem for our next message though. In the meantime, be sure to check out Vocal Media and see what you think. Maybe this one will fit right into your marketing strategy for traffic!

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