Sleeping on forgotten greatness...

Many of you might have heard of Hubpages. It’s been around since 2006, it acquired Squidoo in 2014 and it’s been quietly chugging along ever since.

If you haven’t heard of them you can find the site at:

HubPages is a unique publishing platform and community of writers and readers. It’s a little like Medium in that you can find your niche, build an audience, and start publishing content on the platform immediately for free.

Hubpages is a little forgotten in the wake of newer more topical sites like Medium, and STEEMIT but listen...

Often people forget old resources that are still working fantastically just because a new resource comes a long and steals the spotlight. In that lies amazing opportunity.

Hubpages currently gets over 2 million visitors a month! 40% of that traffic is coming from the United States and another 8% of that traffic is coming from the United Kingdom. So people are there. Communities are there.

Another thing about this platform is that it practices a revenue sharing model like youtube. So, like Medium, you can make money with the content you publish there directly from people just reading your content.

How can you take advantage of this platform?

Step 1) Sign up for a free account. Easy enough right?

Step 2) Find niche related content that is getting traction right now.

Step 3) Do your own version of that, inserting your own takes and opinions.

With platforms like Hubpages, the more you publish, the more success you will have. Consider those articles like fishing lines in the lake. So stay consistent with your publishing.

Also, remember to stay in your lane. Don’t publish about a bunch of random things outside of your niche. Stay very “niche-centric” with your articles.

Again, like with WordPress, I strongly suggest using all of these blogging platforms in your marketing strategy.

You can easily and with little time invested, do slight variations of your articles on each. Maybe put the full article here, put a summarized version there, and something in between in the third place.

Getting the most out of your content is a key to driving successful free traffic with minimal time investment.

Alright, I have another much newer resource that not a lot of people have heard of yet, but is gaining massive traction right now. However, let me save that for our next message.

For now, I urge you to explore Hubpages and see if you think it would be right for you and your business.

That’s all I got!

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